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My name is Bri­an Curtin. There are a bunch of oth­er Bri­an Curtins (Bri­ans Curt­in?) out there, but I am this one:

  • I live in Lake­­wood, Col­o­rado, US­A, which is right out­­­side of Den­ver.

  • I’m a prin­­ci­­pal soft­­ware en­gi­neer at Elas­tic, and used to work for Rackspace and Canon­i­­cal.

  • I’m cur­ren­t­­ly loose­­ly in­­­volved in the Python com­­mu­ni­­ty. I was Py­­Con‘s pub­­lic­i­­ty co­or­di­­na­­tor from 2012–2015 af­ter get­t­ing in­­­volved in the con­fer­­ence in 2009, served on the Python Soft­­ware Foun­­da­­tion‘s Board of Di­rec­­tors from 2012–2015, and have been a CPython core de­vel­op­er since 2010.

  • I used to um­pire NCAA Di­vi­­sion I col­lege base­bal­l.

  • I like pho­­tog­ra­­phy.

I am on­line in var­i­ous ways:

If you’re look­ing for my sign­ing key fin­ger­prints, I have two of them to sign dif­fer­ent things:

  • GitHub com­mit­s: 8429 B9CB 3B63 DBA3 2A43 765E E408 B1AB 7AF2 87C1

  • PyPI pack­ages: E628 66A3 5625 75D9 5B57 0AF5 8E­B7 1A70 831B 56D1